Ep. 12: Awesome Brewing Company

In episode 12, Ed GrohlEasy Pretzel, and Bearcat, welcome Jon (Norm) Norman from Funk Brewing Company.  We discussed starting a brewery, opening and running multiple locations, NE IPAs, distribution, the allure and difficulties of hyped up can releases, and why it’s not called the Norm Brewing Company.

Funk Logo

Beers we drank:

Bearcat: Silent Disco — Funk Brewing Company
Ed: Bravo — Firestone Walker Brewing
Dave: Silent Disco and M-43 — Old Nation Brewing Company
Jon (Norm) Norman: Bam Biere — Jolly Pumpkin

Link Dump:

Iron Heart Canning
Carton Brewing Company
Trillium Brewing Company
Sole Artisan Ales
Moo-Duck Brewery
Cox Brewing Company
Lehigh Valley Brewers Guild
St. Boniface Craft Brewing Co.
Iron Hill Brewery
Ever Grain Brewing
Shangy’s Beer Distribution
Jolly Pumpkin Brewing
Yakima Valley
John Trogners Instagram
Two Brothers Brewing
Great Central Brewing Company
Troegs Brewing Company
Victory Brewing Company
Pints for Polio
Honor Brewing and Winery
Gold Star Families
Mission BBQ
Sabatini’s Pizza and Bottle Shop
Weyerbacher Brewing Co.

If you want to support a good cause while drinking good beer, make sure you check out the Pints for Polio we discussed in the show!

Real quick… Those of you who have patiently waited for us to publish a new podcast, thank you. We know it has been a while. If you have not checked out our live beer reviews on YouTube, tonight (October 12) is your chance. We start at around 9:15 and we promise they are fun. Be sure to say hello in the chat if you swing by.

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The Easy Pretzel NFL Power Poll of Craft Beer

Recently on Twitter, I got into a discussion about whether or not Pittsburgh is a top tier beer city. This inspired me to create the first NFL power poll for craft beer Bill Simmons style. I planned to bring this up during the latest episode of the IFS Podcast, but our interview with one of the owners of Funk Brewing ran long. I have not been to every NFL city, but I have been to 27 of the 32 cities and have had beer from all but one. This is the definitive list and I am sure everyone will agree, feel free to hit me up with your thoughts on twitter @easypretzel. (Editor: Not everyone will agree.)

       Everyone knows you are bad but you.


32. Jacksonville

Quick, off of the top of your head name a brewery based in Jacksonville. I’ll wait….that’s right, you can’t. I have never been to Jacksonville, and neither has the modern craft beer movement apparently. Blake Bortles is the perfect quarterback to represent this city’s craft beer.

Top picks:
Bold City, Intuition Ale Works, Aardwolf

  1. Indianapolis

In 2016 I visited Indy to watch my Penn State Nittany Lions come back from 28-7 down to win the Big Ten Championship game. The beer highlight of my trip was paying $100 for 12 open Miller Lites to go (the bars have to open each beer if you want to carry out) and three Jager bombs at 1AM. The only thing worse than Indianapolis’ craft beer scene is the Colt’s owner’s shirt selection. The most famous thing they have done in brewing is taking weak cheap shots at Tom Brady over Deflategate.  

Top picks:
Sun King, Upland, Black Acre

  1. New Orleans

If you have not been to New Orleans before, move that up to the top of your travel list immediately. It is a special place like no other in the world that is full of interesting food, dancing, and high octane cocktails. Unfortunately, partly due to antiquated beer laws, New Orleans has not embraced the craft beer movement. A town that is known for unique food flavors should have breweries that do the same.

Top picks:
Abita, NOLA, Dixie

  1. Oakland

I made a recent trip to the Bay area and I passed Oakland on my way from Napa Valley to San Francisco. The only reason that I wanted to stop in Oakland was to eat an In-N-Out double double animal style burger right off of I-80. If I were ranking toughest NFL cities, Oakland would be by far #1 (they even try to fight their own players), so I will just stop right here.

Top picks:
Ale Industries, Novel Brewing

  1. Tennessee

When I attended a Titans game a few years ago, the locals directed me to the best local brewery, it was a Rock Bottom. That pretty much sums up the craft beer scene in the Music City. For a town where Jeff Fisher went 8-8 FIVE times, I couldn’t even put them in the next division.

Top Picks:
Yazoo, Wiseacre, Bearded Iris Brewing

       You know you are going 8-8… forever.


Jeff Fisher may always finish 8-8… but his mustache is 16-0.
  1. Houston

I almost don’t even want to share how good Saint Arnold’s is, their Bishop Barrel and Pumpkinator series are relatively unknown but are some of the best beers being produced in all of craft beer. Houston is up and coming, but still, has a lot of room to grow.

Top picks:
Saint Arnold, Karbach, Lone Pint

  1. Arizona

Carson Palmer’s career win-loss record is 92-90-1. He and the Arizona craft beer are perfect for this division. Arizona Wilderness has emerged as one of the best breweries in the country. Being so close to Mexico, it would be nice to see different collabs with Mexican breweries come out of this region.

Top picks:
Arizona Wilderness, Four Peaks

  1. Jets (New Jersey)

The Jets have a chance to get one of two generational quarterbacks in the 2018 draft, but they keep winning and can’t even tank right. Super fan Larry David couldn’t even write something like this into a season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Jets are the perfect analogy for the New Jersey craft beer scene. Sure, they have some great places like Carton and Kane, but they really don’t have a lot to work with.

Top picks:
Carton, Kane

  1. Buffalo

I have been to Buffalo more times than I can count. I love Buffalo and everything about it. The Anchor Bar (don’t try to @ me that Duff’s is better), Spiedies, Ted’s Hot Dogs, and Mr. Bills in Cheektavegas, to name a few. But Buffalo itself has not caught up on the craft revolution. Buffalo Brewing is the best in the city. However, Bill’s mafia is spread throughout the state. So if you include Southern Tier and the world-class Ommegang, Buffalo craft beer is like George Costanza, if you take every brewery in the region, it looks decent.

Top picks:
Ommegang, Southern Tier, Buffalo Brewing, Suarez Family Brewery

Editor: The #BillsMafia was not considered in developing this list.
  1. Cincinnati

Much like the football team, the craft beer scene looks good on paper, but in the end will probably disappoint you. Against the Grain in Kentucky is the region’s best brewery and they are putting out some unique beers. Rhinegeist is the star of the city and you should look to obtain their beer through your favorite trade/raffle group.

Top picks:
Against the Grain, Rhinegeist, MadTree

  1. Green Bay

If the Packers did not have Aaron Rodgers they would be a bottom five team and Mike McCarthy would be an offensive line coach for the Dolphins. Wisconsin craft beer has their Aaron Rodgers in New Glarus. They don’t even distribute out-of-state and they are the 16th biggest craft brewer in the country. Some of their sours like their Raspberry Tart are a must drink. New Glarus makes up for a lack of other quality craft breweries in the area.

Top picks:
New Glarus, Central Waters

  1. Dallas

The Cowboys presence expands way beyond the 214, they really are a regional team. Their beer scene is no different. What the city of Dallas lacks in terms of craft beer, the region more than makes up for it. Jester King puts out saisons and sours that can go head-to-head with most Belgian breweries. The Prairie Bomb! series is one of the best stout lineups in the country.

Top picks:
Jester King, Prairie Artisan Ales, Lone Pint

Can compete with anyone, but you will end up losing in the last minute every single time.


  1. Minnesota

If Minnesotans were to play duck, duck, gray duck with craft beer, the first one they would tap would be Surly. They have a plethora of IPAs available in cans, and their Darkness RIS series stacks up against the best. Summit is an OG of craft beer and also puts out some quality brews.

Top picks:
Surly, Summit, Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery, Lupulin

  1. Baltimore

As Omar said, money ain’t got no owners, only spenders. I continue to find myself spending more of my money in Charm City. Flying Dog represents the region well with both their Old Bay beer and their fight for Free Speech. Gypsy brewer & Baltimore native Stillwater Artisanal and the new NEIPA style Burley Oak also have Maryland moving up the rankings. Special shout-out to Max’s Taphouse, which is one of the five best Belgian bars in the United States.

Top picks:
Flying Dog, Stillwater Artisanal, Burley Oak

  1. Cleveland

Now that the Cavs have delivered a title to Cleveland, I hope the Browns never get a good quarterback and that jersey with all of the bad QB’s grows to 100. The craft beer scene, on the other hand, has a lot of solid pieces in place. Fat Head’s, which came about from a bar in Pittsburgh, puts out some of the best non-NE IPA’s in the country. Great Lakes is the region’s largest, and has a year-round portfolio that stacks up with anyone. Hoppin’ Frog’s RIS game is vastly underrated and should be already in your cellar.

Top picks:
Great Lakes, Fat Head’s, Hoppin’ Frog

Browns' QB Jersey.jpg-large
The Browns QB list looks like the tap list at a Buffalo Wild Wings
  1. Kansas City

I don’t know if Christian Okoye drinks alcohol or not, but the fact that there is not a beer named “The Nigerian Nightmare” is a travesty. Side Project dominates the sour game like the Nigerian nightmare dominated in Tecmo Super Bowl. They are hard to come by and I think I am like 0 for 240 for trying to trade for a Fuzzy b1. Boulevard is a brewery that can do it all and we all should be drinking more of the easily accessible Tank 7 saison.

Top picks:
Side Project, Boulevard, Perennial Artisan Ales, Tall Grass

  1. Miami

Even if you love the Dolphins, you have to love Jay Cutler because Smoking Jay Cutler memes are back! The Miami craft beer scene itself is on fire. The Funky Buddha BA lineup may be the best in the country, with Last Buffalo in the Park vying for best beer I had so far in 2017. Right behind them is J. Wakefield. I randomly ran into Jonathan and Maria from J. Wakefield at the Toronado Bar in San Diego last year. They graciously broke out a growler of their Guava Berliner Weiss that blew me away. They encouraged me to visit their Wynwood Miami brewery and I was amazed by the depth of their lineup. Plus one of the best craft beer follows on twitter is from south Florida, friend of the show: @Brewkkake.

Top picks:
Wakefield, Funky Buddha, MIA

  1. Atlanta

Atlanta is making a comeback (not the 28-3 variety!) with new legislation that allows their brewers to get their beer directly in the mouths of consumers. Sweet Water continues massive growth on the east coast and Terrapin, which was acquired by MillerCoors, will also soon see larger distribution. Terrapin even opened a brewery inside of the Braves new Sun Trust Stadium. The Porter Beer Bar has one of the largest cellared bottle collections in the country.

Top picks:
Terrapin, Sweet Water, Creature Comforts

Have some elite pieces, but do not have enough to crack the Top Ten.

Is Joe Flacco Elite
IFS asks and answers the tough questions.
  1. Pittsburgh

Growing up in Pittsburgh you quickly learn that Yinzers gonna Yinz. Ten years ago Pittsburgh was all about their Iron City and other German-inspired beers. But over the past three to four years Pittsburgh has really embraced the craft beer movement and has put themselves in position to be a craft beer destination. Brew Gentleman is located in Braddock, which is an ethnically diverse steel town that is truly unique in craft beer. They are putting out world class IPAs that you can only get on-site or in growlers. You also have one of the country’s best Barley Wine producers in East End, and one of the hottest new breweries in Dancing Gnome that really give Pittsburgh a deep portfolio.    

Top picks:
Brew Gentleman, Dancing Gnome, East End

  1. Tampa Bay

Tampa is notorious for their, um, gentleman club scene. But Tampa is quickly also becoming known as a great beer destination. Cigar City is quickly expanding all across the United States. Just as Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA is a staple for the northeast, Jai Alai is becoming the go-to craft beer for the southeast and beyond. Cigar City’s exclusive barrel aged club is the best in the county. Not to be outdone, St. Pete’s Cycle Brewing has unbelievable barrel aged releases seemingly every month.    

Top picks:
Cigar City, Cycle Brewing, Big Storm

  1. Washington

There has been a lot of talk about draining the swamp, and as little as five years ago Virginia was in desperate need of new, fresh breweries. Places like Veil and Aslin are now putting out NEIPAs that can give any of the New England breweries a run for their money. They even have hidden gems like a Vietnamese Brewpub called Answer which is putting out amazing flavors in both their beer and food.       

Top picks:
Veil, Answer Brewpub, Aslin, DC Brau

  1. New York

Eli Manning is a perfect comparison for New York craft beer. Hall-of-Famer, 2 rings, but is not on anyone’s top ten list. They have nationally recognized breweries like Brooklyn, Sixpoint, and Evil Twin (I’m claiming him for NY). They also have places like Other Half that have IPAs that trade for almost any IPA out there. But what makes New York one of the best cities are its beer bars. Evil Twin owned Tørst bar, The Pony Bar, and The Blind Tiger are all must stops when you visit New York. As a bonus, nothing goes better with beer than pizza, so make sure you stop by John’s of Bleecker Street for the world’s best pizza (One bite, everyone knows the rules).

Top picks:
Brooklyn Brewing, Other Half, Sixpoint, Evil Twin

Eli looking up Untappd scores before he orders

       Hall of Fame. Still Second Banana.


  1. Philadelphia

Philadelphia is no longer a city that is just known for cheesesteaks and people who cannot pronounce water. Philly finally has a winner with Tired Hands. Despite all of the drama surrounding soccer mom folding chairs, Tired Hands consistently puts out quality IPAs and saisons. Their milkshake series is one of the best things going in craft beer. If you include the surrounding Eagles territory, they can claim a trio of powerhouse breweries in Dogfish Head, Troegs, and Victory. When visiting the city, Monk’s Cafe has a world class beer list and amazing Belgian inspired food.

Top picks:
Tired Hands, Troegs, Victory, Dogfish Head

  1. Carolina

Outside of NoDa and VGBG (craft beer and beach volleyball, what’s not to like?), Charlotte does not have a lot to offer craft beer. But when you expand to include all of the Carolina’s, you now have a craft beer powerhouse. Asheville lives up to their reputation of being the best beer destination. Asheville has so many breweries that on a ten-minute walk from the loved/hated Wicked Weed to Burial, you could hit 10 brewpubs or breweries. I am also including South Carolina and Westbrook who owns the kettle sour game and have the legit BA Mexican Cake series.

Top picks:
Wicked Weed, Westbrook Brewing, Foothills, Burial

  1. Chicago

I was in Chicago just a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at how far the craft beer scene has evolved. I was assuming downtown would be nothing but Midwest accents, Old Style, and Pequod’s Pizza. Almost anywhere in the city you could throw a rock and hit a bar that carried Zombie Dust, Gumballhead, or Daisy Cutter. For some reason almost every great U.S. craft beer bar is named Toronado or Monks, and Chicago is no exception with their own Monks. Everybody hates on Goose Island because they are ABInbev owned, but all you haters reading this have some variant of BCBS aging in your cellar. You can also pick up some other local elite BA stouts with Dark Lord Series or dropping four figures on a KBBS.

Top picks:
Three Floyds, Toppling Goliath, Goose Island, Half Acre

  1. Los Angeles

Much like Randy Newman, I love L.A.! They may not have the pedigree or quantity of breweries as some other cities, but not surprisingly L.A. is full of dimes. Bottle Logic stouts are so in demand that people are opening up their cellar to get a taste of the amazing FO. Newcomer Monkish is giving the west coast a lesson on how to make a proper NEIPA. L.A. also boasts two OGs in elite craft beer in The Bruery and Firestone Walker.

Top picks:
Monkish, Bottle Logic, Bruery, Firestone Walker

No matter how good you are, you are still all fighting for second place.

  1. Detroit

The last time I was in Detroit I watched the Penguins hoist the Stanley Cup, did shots with Alan Faneca, and almost got shot in Greek Town at 4AM. While those are all great memories (minus the near homicide), when I think of Detroit now I think of all of the great breweries in the region. The national players Bell’s and Founders continue to put out a portfolio that very few can match. Smaller breweries like Dark Horse and Jolly Pumpkin continue to produce highly sought-after beers, and newcomer Old Nation is making waves in the NEIPA trading game with beers like Boss Tweed.

Top picks:
Bell’s, Dark Horse, Jolly Pumpkin, Founders, Old Nation

  1. Denver

Denver is the Mike Holmgren coaching tree of breweries, you can find their influence and brewers all over the country. Whether you are in Denver or Boulder, you won’t go wrong just walking into a random local brewery. They also have Oskar Blues who we are forever indebted to for inventing the Crowler. Crooked Stave has such a portfolio of American Wild Ales that even locals have trouble keeping up.

Top picks:
Oskar Blues, Avery, Left Hand, Crooked Stave

  1. Seattle (Pacific Northwest)

Not having Seattle and the pacific northwest this high on the list would be as dumb as not running Marshawn Lynch from the two-yard line in Super Bowl XLIX. This is the only area of the top tiers that I have not had the privilege to visit. Luckily I had a friend who ships me care packages (Holla Fedex) so I could indulge in their fine brews. My favorite IPA from the PNW is Boneyard Notorious Triple IPA that I was able to have at the Hunahpu Day beer fest. When I look at Untappd, I am amazed at how many of my friends have not had de Garde, their sour and kriek game is world class. Much like other cities near the top of the list, great local breweries are a dime a dozen. It should be no surprise since they grow 96% of the U.S. hop acreage.

Top picks:
Deschutes, Full Sail, De Garde, Rogue

  1. San Francisco

Downtown San Fran is exactly like the 49ers, there are bums all over the place and there is not much going on. Sure they have the OG Toronado Bar and the great Mikkeller bar, but the lack of quality breweries is astounding. However, when you travel to the surrounding areas you get the elite of the elite breweries. They have the Micro-Macros in Lagunitas and Sierra Nevada who continue to crank out great beers on a national level. If you are making your way out to Napa Valley to have dinner at the French Laundry, you can spend the day at the world-class Russian River. Sante Adairius Rustic Ales is the best brewery you have never heard of, boasting some of United States best American Wild Ales and saisons.

Top picks:
Russian River, SARA, Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada

  1. San Diego

I refuse to ever say that the Chargers are from L.A., they will always be the San Diego Super Chargers. There are 143 brewhouses and counting in San Diego, so no matter where you are in the city you will also be close to a great local brewery. They have one of the best beer bars on the planet in the aforementioned Toronado Bar. Oh, and they have a few little breweries you might know in Stone, Green Flash, and Alesmith. Plus every restaurant has great tacos (west coast beef tacos with hot sauce are the best tacos). Editor: Fish Tacos are superior.

Top picks:
Stone, Green Flash, Modern Times, Alesmith




New England leads the nation in 5 cappers

1.   New England

Belichick, Brady, Kraft. Alchemist, Hill Farmstead, Lawson’s, Maine, Treehouse, Trillium. There really is nothing else more that needs to be said.

Top picks:
Hill Farmstead, Alchemist, Tree House, Trillium


Editor: Hate this list? Want to fight Easy Pretzel over his contrived list meant to reaffirm his Patriots fandom? Yell at him on Twitter @EasyPretzel

Contest Time.

The Contest is closed… But a new one is coming soon!

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Ep. 11: We Are Bringing Back Micro

In episode 11, Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat welcome back, friend of the show, Jason Notte. We took a deep dive into the Brewers Association’s new Independent certification, picked apart AB Inbev’s The High End video response, branched off into the craft beer black market, and Jason has some tough love for Pittsburgh’s Craft Beer Week.

Be sure to follow Jason’s very good Twitter account (@Notteham) and read his fantastic work for Marketplace.com and TheStreet.com.


Micro Beer

What We Drank:

Bearcat: Troegs Independent Brewing — Nimble Giant, Dogfish Head Sea Quench, The Veil Brewing Company Droid Charger
Ed: Harviestoun Ola Dubh (April 2014), Miller Lite
Dave: Common Roots Brewing Co. – Ultra Modern American
Voodoo Brewery. Cowbell
Jason: Pilsner Urquell

Link Dump:

Brewers Association
Brewers Association The Independent Seal
Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams)
Constellation Brands
AB Inbev
Pumpkin Peach Ale Super Bowl Ad
The High End Vimeo
Garrett Wales (10 Barrel Brewing Founder)
Jeff Alworth for Beervana
Pizza Boy Brewing
Pizza Boy Brewing’s Independent Logo
George Clooney’s Tequila Sale
Joel from Due South Brewing (@Brewkkake)
Bryan D. Roth
Notte on Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods for MarketWatch
New Belgium Brewing
Voodoo Brewery
Modern Times Beer
Odell Brewing Co.
Bellvue Brewing’s Independent Seal under the cap
Pittsburgh Beer Week’s AnnouncementWidmer Brothers
Craft Brew Alliance
Red Hook Brewery
Iron City Beer
Old German Beer
Duquesne Pilsner (The Prince of Pilsners)
Philly Beer Week
Dogfish Head’s PE
USA Today’s DFH Sea Quench Ale Story
Bitter Brew
Toppling Goliath (KBBS and Assassin)
The Street
Cascade Brewing
Founders Brewing Co.
de Garde Brewing
Cigar City Brewing
The Veil Brewing Company

Be sure to stick around for the After Show where we discuss Tech Support’s gray stereo and the superiority of fish tacos.

We know this is a long episode but we hope you find the time invested to be well spent. IFS is on hiatus for a couple weeks to recharge and drink some beers. In the mean time, follow us on Twitter, I swear we are fun. You can follow us here: Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, Bearcat and Tech Support

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Halftershow: Hot Sauce Committee

Before we talk about the show, IFS wants to offer our deepest sympathies to the family of Josh Wissler. Josh was part of the Harrisburg craft beer community before there was a Harrisburg craft beer community. The consummate nice guy leaves behind a wife and two young boys. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family.

In this special episode, Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, Bearcat and Tech Support discuss Brooke Mihoces’ visit to the show in Ep. 10, bad beer bars, Bearcat’s terrible taste in hot sauce, and Dave’s pajamas.


What we drank
Dave: The Veil Brewing Co. Fire Emoji
Ed: The Veil Brewing Co. Dirt Brothers IPL
Tech Support: Kombucha
Bearcat: Exhibit A Brewing Company Hair Raiser

Link Dump:

The Veil Brewing Company
Motueka Hops
Ep. 10 with Brooke Mihoces of DOPS Inc.
The High End’s Vimeo response (more on this to come in Ep. 11)
Taco Mac
Firewater in Tropicana in Atlantic City
Monk’s Cafe in Philadelphia
Firewalker PNC
The Blacksmith, Berlin Maryland
Burley Oak Brewing Company
Chicken Neckers on the Eastern shore of Maryland
Mendoza Line
Crystal Hot Sauce
Frank’s Hot Sauce
Trappey’s Red Devil Hot Sauce (It’s a must for Primanti’s)
Sriracha never copyrighted their brand.
TorchBearer Hot Sauce
Tom Brady Recovery Sleepwear
IC Light
American Beer
IC Light Mango
Crown Lager
Black Label Beer
Pittsburgh’s Zima Sign
Jason Notte

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Ep. 10: Distributing Independence

In this episode, Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat welcome Ms. Brooke Mihoces from DOPS Inc. an independent craft beer, wine, and spirits distribution company. Brooke was a great guest and let us peek behind the curtain of the distribution business with wit and candor.

A little about DOPS Inc.:

DOPS, Inc., established in 1984, distributes beer, wine, and spirits in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Delaware. It is a family owned and operated company which concentrates on family owned wineries, craft breweries, and micro distilleries. DOPS entered the craft brewery segment in 1986 and was the first market outside of Massachusetts to sell Samuel Adams. This was soon followed by the Brooklyn Brewery and then expanded into a diverse portfolio of craft beers from all parts of the world.

Just a heads up, we went long with Brooke so no After Show this week but we may have something special ready for you very soon to make up for it.


What We Drank:

Dave Guinness, Green Flash Cellar #3 and The Veil, Master Taunt
Ed: Anderson Valley Brewing Company Huge Arker
Bearcat: Schlafly Beer The Variant
Brooke Mihoces: Alpine Beer Company Windows Up

Link Dump:

You can read the entire DOPS catalog. It’s impressive and extensive.
Jason Notte on how Whole Foods/Amazon can disrupt beer.
Brewers’ Association new Independent Beer Badge Much more on this from us to come.

You can follow Brooke’s very nice Twitter account @BrookeMihoces and DOPS Inc. @DOPSbeerNwine.

Special thanks to Brooke for coming on the show and for hooking us up with some really great beers.

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Ep. 9: John Kruk’s Batting Helmet

In this episode, Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat welcome Ms. Sara Bozich of GK Visual to discuss their in-production documentary Poured in PA. Then the guys discuss the RateBeer.com controversy, Bearcat gets incensed about nothing, Ed brings us some new beer names for The Wilson Scale, and Tech Support drinks some ‘buch with a bit of stank on it.

Kruk's Batting Helmet

Link Dump:

Noble Stein Brewing Company
Poured In PA
GK Visual
Harrisburg Beer Week
Brewers of PA (BOP)
North County Brewing
Boneshire Brew Works
Free Will Brewing
Poured in PA T-Shirts
Beer Busters Podcast (Recording was rescheduled!)
Voodoo Brewery
Double Eagle Malt
Intern Jimi’s Interview with John Kimmich of The Alchemist
GK Visual Vimeo Page
ZX Ventures
Good Beer Hunting
DFH Blog Post on RateBeer
Dogfish Head Inn
Share of Throat
Sol Beer
Sick and Twisted Brewing
Belching Beaver Brewing
Tomoka Brewing Co.
Vernon Maxwell
Charles Barkley’s Golf Swing

The Wilson Scale:

Panty Dropper — 8.16
Great Lei — 9.36
Poontangerine Ale — 9.93

Be sure to stick around for the After Show and for a short but excellent blooper reel.

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Ep. 8: Lucky Lindy and the West Coast

In this episode, Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat return to the podcast to do some old-timey radio about old-timey west coast breweries, Dave goes to a Michelin Three Star laundromat, we hydrate with some beers, and Ed introduces The Wilson Scale.

Plucky Lindy addresses IFS Listeners about Water Beer
Lucky Lindy addresses IFS listeners about water beer.

Link Dump:

Russian River Brewing Company
City Beer Store, San Francisco
Anchor Brewing
The French Laundry
Omni William Penn Hotel
East End Brewing
Stella Artois
Stella Artois’ Beer Knife and 9 Step Serving Process
Victory Whirlwind Wit and Cage Radler
Southern Tier Hop Sun
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon
Blue Point
Good Beer Hunting
GBH Podcast with Dan Jansen of Blue Point
Nimble Giant — Troegs Brewing Company
The Bruery Buy Out
Fort Collins Buy Out and Closure
10 Barrel Banner Protest
Hops and Clocks at the National Watch and Clock Museum
Columbia Kettle Works

IFS Terms:

Water Beers

Hydrating Beers

The Wilson Scale of Beer Names:
(1-10 Scale: Higher the number the worse the name)

Morning Wood — 7.6

Panty Peeler — 8.73

Justin Blabber — 6

The Brown Note — 9.16

Tramp Stamp — 9.56

Be sure to stick around for the After Show.

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Ep. 7: Wicked Shame, Stinky Coolers, and #FABQ

In this episode, Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat return to the podcast to the discuss the ABI purchase of Wicked Weed, Lagunitas’ news dump about going Dutch, South African hops are apparently a thing, and we answer some of Tasting Nitch’s Frequently Asked Beer Questions.


Beers we were drinking:

Ed: Flying Dog Brewery — Chocolate Habanero Stout

Bearcat: Wicked Weed BrewingSome Pumpkin Rum Barrel Ginger Bullshit, and Pizza Boy Brewing Co. — Glitter, Spandex, and Egos IPA

Dave: Treehouse Brewing Co. — Julius and Alter Ego

Link Dump:

Trillium Brewing Company Dialed In

Voodoo Brewery and their unique and cool ESOP

South African Hops Crisis (Op-Ed by friend of the show Jason Notte)

Never Nude

Tasting Nitch

Tasting Nitch’s #FABQ

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Last Buffalo in the Park by Funky Buddha Brewery

Speedway Stout by AleSmith Brewing Company

Chatty Monks Brewing

Boneshire Brew Works

Be sure to stick around for the After Show where Ed spikes the football about winning at the Harrisburg Beer Week Homebrew contest and Tech Support can’t use his computer.

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