Ep. 8: Lucky Lindy and the West Coast

In this episode, Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat return to the podcast to do some old-timey radio about old-timey west coast breweries, Dave goes to a Michelin Three Star laundromat, we hydrate with some beers, and Ed introduces The Wilson Scale.

Plucky Lindy addresses IFS Listeners about Water Beer
Lucky Lindy addresses IFS listeners about water beer.

Link Dump:

Russian River Brewing Company
City Beer Store, San Francisco
Anchor Brewing
The French Laundry
Omni William Penn Hotel
East End Brewing
Stella Artois
Stella Artois’ Beer Knife and 9 Step Serving Process
Victory Whirlwind Wit and Cage Radler
Southern Tier Hop Sun
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon
Blue Point
Good Beer Hunting
GBH Podcast with Dan Jansen of Blue Point
Nimble Giant — Troegs Brewing Company
The Bruery Buy Out
Fort Collins Buy Out and Closure
10 Barrel Banner Protest
Hops and Clocks at the National Watch and Clock Museum
Columbia Kettle Works

IFS Terms:

Water Beers

Hydrating Beers

The Wilson Scale of Beer Names:
(1-10 Scale: Higher the number the worse the name)

Morning Wood — 7.6

Panty Peeler — 8.73

Justin Blabber — 6

The Brown Note — 9.16

Tramp Stamp — 9.56

Be sure to stick around for the After Show.

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A snarky craft beer drinking Yinzer stuck in Amish Country.

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