Ep. 11: We Are Bringing Back Micro

In episode 11, Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat welcome back, friend of the show, Jason Notte. We took a deep dive into the Brewers Association’s new Independent certification, picked apart AB Inbev’s The High End video response, branched off into the craft beer black market, and Jason has some tough love for Pittsburgh’s Craft Beer Week.

Be sure to follow Jason’s very good Twitter account (@Notteham) and read his fantastic work for Marketplace.com and TheStreet.com.


Micro Beer

What We Drank:

Bearcat: Troegs Independent Brewing — Nimble Giant, Dogfish Head Sea Quench, The Veil Brewing Company Droid Charger
Ed: Harviestoun Ola Dubh (April 2014), Miller Lite
Dave: Common Roots Brewing Co. – Ultra Modern American
Voodoo Brewery. Cowbell
Jason: Pilsner Urquell

Link Dump:

Brewers Association
Brewers Association The Independent Seal
Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams)
Constellation Brands
AB Inbev
Pumpkin Peach Ale Super Bowl Ad
The High End Vimeo
Garrett Wales (10 Barrel Brewing Founder)
Jeff Alworth for Beervana
Pizza Boy Brewing
Pizza Boy Brewing’s Independent Logo
George Clooney’s Tequila Sale
Joel from Due South Brewing (@Brewkkake)
Bryan D. Roth
Notte on Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods for MarketWatch
New Belgium Brewing
Voodoo Brewery
Modern Times Beer
Odell Brewing Co.
Bellvue Brewing’s Independent Seal under the cap
Pittsburgh Beer Week’s AnnouncementWidmer Brothers
Craft Brew Alliance
Red Hook Brewery
Iron City Beer
Old German Beer
Duquesne Pilsner (The Prince of Pilsners)
Philly Beer Week
Dogfish Head’s PE
USA Today’s DFH Sea Quench Ale Story
Bitter Brew
Toppling Goliath (KBBS and Assassin)
The Street
Cascade Brewing
Founders Brewing Co.
de Garde Brewing
Cigar City Brewing
The Veil Brewing Company

Be sure to stick around for the After Show where we discuss Tech Support’s gray stereo and the superiority of fish tacos.

We know this is a long episode but we hope you find the time invested to be well spent. IFS is on hiatus for a couple weeks to recharge and drink some beers. In the mean time, follow us on Twitter, I swear we are fun. You can follow us here: Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, Bearcat and Tech Support

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