Ep. 10: Distributing Independence

In this episode, Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat welcome Ms. Brooke Mihoces from DOPS Inc. an independent craft beer, wine, and spirits distribution company. Brooke was a great guest and let us peek behind the curtain of the distribution business with wit and candor.

A little about DOPS Inc.:

DOPS, Inc., established in 1984, distributes beer, wine, and spirits in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Delaware. It is a family owned and operated company which concentrates on family owned wineries, craft breweries, and micro distilleries. DOPS entered the craft brewery segment in 1986 and was the first market outside of Massachusetts to sell Samuel Adams. This was soon followed by the Brooklyn Brewery and then expanded into a diverse portfolio of craft beers from all parts of the world.

Just a heads up, we went long with Brooke so no After Show this week but we may have something special ready for you very soon to make up for it.


What We Drank:

Dave Guinness, Green Flash Cellar #3 and The Veil, Master Taunt
Ed: Anderson Valley Brewing Company Huge Arker
Bearcat: Schlafly Beer The Variant
Brooke Mihoces: Alpine Beer Company Windows Up

Link Dump:

You can read the entire DOPS catalog. It’s impressive and extensive.
Jason Notte on how Whole Foods/Amazon can disrupt beer.
Brewers’ Association new Independent Beer Badge Much more on this from us to come.

You can follow Brooke’s very nice Twitter account @BrookeMihoces and DOPS Inc. @DOPSbeerNwine.

Special thanks to Brooke for coming on the show and for hooking us up with some really great beers.

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