Ep. 12: Awesome Brewing Company

In episode 12, Ed GrohlEasy Pretzel, and Bearcat, welcome Jon (Norm) Norman from Funk Brewing Company.  We discussed starting a brewery, opening and running multiple locations, NE IPAs, distribution, the allure and difficulties of hyped up can releases, and why it’s not called the Norm Brewing Company.

Funk Logo

Beers we drank:

Bearcat: Silent Disco — Funk Brewing Company
Ed: Bravo — Firestone Walker Brewing
Dave: Silent Disco and M-43 — Old Nation Brewing Company
Jon (Norm) Norman: Bam Biere — Jolly Pumpkin

Link Dump:

Iron Heart Canning
Carton Brewing Company
Trillium Brewing Company
Sole Artisan Ales
Moo-Duck Brewery
Cox Brewing Company
Lehigh Valley Brewers Guild
St. Boniface Craft Brewing Co.
Iron Hill Brewery
Ever Grain Brewing
Shangy’s Beer Distribution
Jolly Pumpkin Brewing
Yakima Valley
John Trogners Instagram
Two Brothers Brewing
Great Central Brewing Company
Troegs Brewing Company
Victory Brewing Company
Pints for Polio
Honor Brewing and Winery
Gold Star Families
Mission BBQ
Sabatini’s Pizza and Bottle Shop
Weyerbacher Brewing Co.

If you want to support a good cause while drinking good beer, make sure you check out the Pints for Polio we discussed in the show!

Real quick… Those of you who have patiently waited for us to publish a new podcast, thank you. We know it has been a while. If you have not checked out our live beer reviews on YouTube, tonight (October 12) is your chance. We start at around 9:15 and we promise they are fun. Be sure to say hello in the chat if you swing by.

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