Ep. 2 License to Pils

This week Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat are joined by special guest Jason Notte to discuss why Twitter thinks Jason hates Pilsners, the end of Kumbaya in craft beer, the decline of seasonal offerings and ugly ass publicly funded stadiums.

A very special thanks to Jason for taking the time to come on the show. Be sure to read Jason’s work at both MarketWatch.com and TheStreet.com and follow his prolific and eclectic twitter feed @Notteham.

During this episode we drank:

Dave: Troegs – Sunshine Pilsner, Tired Hands – Found a Scythe
Ed: Lickinghole Creek Laika BBA RIS, Victory Prima Pils
Jason: Widmer Brothers PDX Pilsner
Bearcat: Duquesne “The Prince of Pilsners” and New Belgium Dayblazer

Link Dump:

Troegs Independent Brewing
Lion Brewery
Stoudts Brewing Company
Live Oak Brewing Company
Firestone Walker Brewing Company
Russian River Brewing Company
Speakeasy closing and re-opening for now
Rogue Brewing
American Craft Brew Festival in Boston
Almanac Beer Co.
Beer Advocate
Breski Beverage
Sabatini’s Bottle Shop
Bud’s Super Bowl Ad Attacking Craft Beer (Pumpkin Peach Beer)
Gordon Biersch
Dan Gordon
The Bird Death Trap in Minneapolis
Atlanta’s New Stadium

These are some must-read stories (in Bearcat’s opinion) from Jason:

For Some Brewers, It’s Closing Time
Pilsner is the new Pumpkin
The Challenge is the Make Great Beer
The Future of Craft Beer

Be sure to stick around for the After Show!

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