Ep. 26 – The 2019 717 Collab Beer for HBW

In Episode 26, Ed Grohl and Bearcat were kindly invited to join the Harrisburg Beer Week team and all the brewery collaborators on the 2019 717 Collab Beer brew day at Tröegs. As the brew was working it’s way to the fermentation tank, Ed and Bearcat sat down with each brewer and finally with the Harrisburg Beer Week team. We discussed the process of collaboration, Harrisburg as a “beer town,” this year’s very cool logo, and why 717 is not just a good beer but #BeerForGood.

Be sure to follow Harrisburg Beer Week on Twitter, Instagram, and check out all the events during the week.

This is a long episode, but we covered a lot of ground about each of the four breweries, the process of making this year’s collaboration beer, and about Harrisburg Beer Week. We hope you like listening to it as much as we liked making it.


ZerØday Brewing Company
Bonshire Brew Works
Appalachian Brewing Company
Tröegs Independent Brewing Co.
Harrisburg Beer Week

Thank you to Theo, Hannah, Alan, John, Chris, John, Sara, Jimi, Tierney, and Chelsea for taking the time to sit down with us and share their thoughts. Special thanks to Tröegs for their generous hospitality and giving space to do this recording.

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Special thanks to friend of the show, Joe Denne for his awesome artwork which represents our logos. Joe is an accomplished graphic designer who came to us with a vision for the work that we could never have imaged. You should follow him on Twitter and if you need a new can design, hit him up.


Author: Bearcat

A snarky craft beer drinking Yinzer stuck in Amish Country.

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