Ep. 23: First Squeeze and a Solid Sendoff

In Episode 23, Ed Grohl, and Bearcat sit down in the Midtown Tavern in Harrisburg during a Troegs First Squeeze Nugget Nectar Release to talk about what else, Nugget Nectar. We also talked about Troegs’ 2019 line up and some significant changes, we catch up on all things Harrisburg Beer Week with friend of the show, Tierney Pomone, we talk with special guest Kayla Bryer about her First Squeeze artwork, and Bearcat continues his struggles with basic pronunciation.

Link Dump:

First Squeeze
Midtown Tavern
Nitro Nugget Nectar
Solid Sender
Crimson Pistil Hibiscus IPA
The Warwick
Harrisburg Beer Week
Stouts & Stilettos
Kayla Bryer
Kayla’s very nice IG account: @among.the.wild.flowers
Kayla’s Troegs Jacket

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Special thanks to friend of the show, Joe Denne for his awesome artwork which represents our new logos. Joe is an accomplished graphic designer who came to us with a vision for the work that we could never have imaged. You should follow him on Twitter and if you need a new can design, hit him up.



Author: Bearcat

A snarky craft beer drinking Yinzer stuck in Amish Country.

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