Ep 18: Live Panel – Craft Beer and Social Media

In Episode 18, Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat, took the show before a live audience. We were joined for a panel discussion by Greg Avola, co-founder of Untappd, Tierney Pomone of Stouts and Stilettos and the legendary Jeff Kupko. We discussed Untappd and its role in craft beer as a social media platform, user privacy, and the role of other social media platforms within the industry.

We want to thank everyone that made this show possible:


St@rtup Harrisburg and Adam Porter. I cannot think of a more appropriate location to hold this event. It an awesome workspace and you should totally check it out.

PB Brewing.jpeg

Al Kominski at Pizza Boy Brewing for hooking everyone up with some free beer during the event.


Tierney at Stouts and Stilettos for joining the discussion and handling all the ticketing.


Last but certainly not least… everyone that came to the show. Because of your generosity, we were able to raise $500 for Harrisburg River Rescue on behalf of Harrisburg Beer Week

No Link Dump this time… just visit the websites and businesses listed above. They made the event possible.

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Author: Bearcat

A snarky craft beer drinking Yinzer stuck in Amish Country.

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