Ep. 13: Grand Cru

In episode 13,Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel, and Bearcat, discuss our recent sit-down interview with John Trogner from Troegs Independent Brewing, the ATF-COLA letting go of the reigns, death by pastry stouts and NE IPAs and then things get wrapped up with a review of their our Black Friday adventures and hotel room irons.


Beers We Drank:

Easy Pretzel – Still Striving by The Veil Brewing Co.
Ed- Creature Comforts Tropical IPA, IPA Hop-Lanta by Red Brick, Bellwood Evil Twin Helles Lager by Other Half
Bearcat – Wild Elf (2017) BBA Impending Descent (2017) by Troegs Independent Brewing


Troegs Brewing Company
Wild Elf
Mad Elf Grand Cru
Mad Elf
Balaton Cherries
Al Kominski
Battle Martin
The Veil Brewing Co.
Extra Kreme C&D
Dilly Dilly
Wazz Up
Modist Brewing
Josh Noel
Imaginary Smells on Bearcat on Beer
John Kimmich of The Alchemist and Yinzer who made good
Rotunda Brewing Company
Yelling at Cloud
Dashing Rogue
Bull’s Head Public House in Lititz, PA
Yards ESA
Hunger and Thirst
The Fridge
Iron Hill Brewing Lancaster
East End Brewing Co.
Falcons’ Color Rush

Be sure to stick around for The After Show.

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Author: Bearcat

A snarky craft beer drinking Yinzer stuck in Amish Country.

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